Information about ReSource Exchange

How it works

How it works

A registered participant who wishes to dispose their material in a better fashion plays the role of a seller and posts a listing about the material.  Other registered participants can express their interest, resulting in one of them initiating a transaction to purchase the material.

Listing Materials

Click "Post a New Listing" in the top right to create a material listing, and follow the prompts to properly categorize your listing. Try to be as detailed as possible when creating listings, or use the "Partial Listing" category if you're missing important details like quantity, photos, etc.

The project team has full access to edit and add to listings on the platform; if you've discussed materials with one of us or we've been to your facility, we may add additional details to your listing if you've given us permission.

About listing types:

Available Material - use when you have complete information on a material that you want to make available for other users to take or purchase. This includes pricing information, quantity, etc.

Wanted Material - are you looking for specific materials for your business? Post them as a wanted material to let users know.

About listing fields:

Listing Title - all listings need to include a clear and concise title stating what the listing is for. 

Price - all listings need to include a numeric value for price. If you are willing to provide the product for free or negotiate on price, please put a price of $1 and add additional details in the description. ReSource Exchange aims to help connect buyers and sellers - but all transactions need to take place of the the ReSource Exchange  platform (e.g. via email transfer, invoice, cash, etc.). 

Detailed Description - provide a description of your listed material with all relevant information. For formatting help, click "format your description using Markdown."

Material Pricing - you must select one of the drop-down options. If you are not requiring payment for your listed material, select "Free Material." If you have put a numeric value in the Price field, select "Price Added." If you have not yet decided on a price and/or are willing to negotiate, select "Not Yet Priced/Let's Discuss."

Quantity & Unit - quantity can only be a number; use the drop down below to select your unit of measurement (kilograms, liters, pieces, pounds, metric tonnes, tons, cubic meters, barrels, bushels, or gallons).

Generation - is the listing available just this one time, or is the material generated on an ongoing basis? If ongoing, select the generation interval associated with the quantity you entered above - X unit generated weekly, for example.

Use Scenarios
 - select all relevant scenarios for the use of your listed material. It's ok if you aren't sure if / how your material could be used, our team will try to help find it a new home. 

Certifications - if your listed material has any relevant certifications (organic, food safety, halal, etc.) please list them in this field. 

How is it packaged? - letting buyers know how your material is packaged (loose, baled, drums/barrels/totes, open-top-boxes, palletized, skids, buckets, etc.) will help them determine transportation and logistics if they plan to pick up the material. 

Transportation and Logistics - for available materials, do you want the buyer to pick it up, or are you willing to arrange/accept delivery or third-party shipping? Check the corresponding box(es). If posting a wanted material, think opposite - are you willing to go pick up materials, or do you need them shipped to your location? 

If you're not sure how to transport or store a material, check out the transportation and storage listings to find others in the community who could assist. 

Location - all listings require you to provide your location. This will allow buyers and sellers to get a better understanding of what is being offered/wanted in their community, and help them determine transportation and logistics if necessary. 

Interacting with Other Users and Listings

To view listings nearest to your location, use the location search at the top of the page. The location search can be used in combination with the filters on the left, or with the keyword search in the top bar. The ReSource Exchange Marketplace interface is viewable in English and French, however content in individual listings will only be available in the language used by the owner of the material when creating the listing.

Public Discussion: if you have a question about a material and you think others would benefit from knowing that information as well, use the public discussion box on the listing. Messages here can be seen by all users on the platform.

Start a Transaction: if you're ready to start a transaction on a material, add in the quantity desired and click the Start a Transaction button on a listing.  This will launch a chat with the product owner - and you can see replies in your personal in-box.  Remember, transaction take place off of the platform; you cannot directly transact on the ReSource Exchange Marketplace.